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  • Crispy Spring Rolls

  • Steamed or Fried Chicken Dumplings

    cabbage, carrots, mushrooms; soy and vinaigrette​ sauce

  • Fried Tofu

    sweet and sour sauce; ground roasted peanuts

  • Shrimp Shumai

    fried or steamed; sesame and light soy vinaigrette

  • Takoyaki

    octopus dumplings


soups / salads

  • Miso Soup

  • Tom Yum Soup with Chicken

  • Tom Yum Soup with Shrimp

  • House Salad

    house peanut or ginger dressing
    Add avocado $2


sushi bar lunch specials

Comes with miso soup

  • Sushi

    five pieces of sushi, california roll

  • Sashimi

    seven pieces of sashimi; bowl of rice

  • Maki Combo

    spicy tuna roll, california roll, cucumber roll

  • Bara Chirashi

    diced assorted sashimi and vegetables over sushi rice

  • Donburi

    served over rice.
    Choose one: Sake (Salmon), and Ikura (Salmon Roe) | Tekka (Tuna) | Unagi (Eel)


bento boxes

includes california roll, seaweed salad, vegetable tempura, steamed rice and miso soup

  • Sushi or Sashimi

    choose one: sushi (4 pieces) | Sashimi (5 pieces)

  • Teriyaki

    tofu | chicken $15
    salmon | beef $17

  • Katsu: Torikatsu (chicken)

    torikatsu (chicken) $15 | tonkatsu (pork) $17
    house katsu sauce


thai lunch

To make it a combo, please add $3. (Combo includes house salad and choice of soup of the day or appetizer.

Tofu | Vegetables $10.50 Chicken | Beef | Crispy Pork Belly $12.50 Shrimp $13.50 | Mixed Seafood $15.50

  • Garlic Pepper

    baby corn, peppers, broccoli, fresh cucumber

  • Pad Pakk

    broccoli, baby bok choy, peppers, onion, carrots; fish and soy sauce

  • Spicy Basil (Pad Krapao)*

    peppers, onion, chili peppers; fish and soy sauce

  • Thai Fried rice

    baby corn, broccoli, tomato, peppers, egg; soy and oyster sauce

  • Jungle Curry*

    string beans, peppers, bamboo shoots, sweet basil

  • Pad Thai

    thin rice noodles, tofu, chives, bean sprouts, egg; roasted peanuts

  • Lard Nar

    stir-fried flat rice noodles, baby corn, Chinese broccoli; soy gravy

  • Pad See ew

    Chinese broccoli, onion, egg; fish and oyster sauce

  • Crazy Noodles*

    mixed vegetables, basil, egg

  • Gaeng Dang (red)

    coconut milk, peppers, bamboo shoots, sweet basil

  • Panang

    coconut milk, peas, peppers, onion, kaffir leaves

  • Gaeng Keaw Wan (Green)

    coconut milk, peppers, bamboo shoots, sweet basil

Moon’s Lunch
  • Roasted Chicken | BBQ Pork

    dark soy vinaigrette, sautéed Chinese broccoli

  • Roasted Duck

    dark soy vinaigrette, sautéed Chinese broccoli



  • Herbal Tea

  • Soft Drinks

  • Thai Iced Tea

  • Thai Iced Coffee

  • S. Pellegrino

    medium $3.00 | large $5.oo


  • Mochi Ice Cream

  • Green Tea Creme Brulee

  • Mango Sticky Rice

  • House Coconut Ice Cream



  • Cucumber Salad

  • Fried Egg

  • Steamed Brown Rice

  • Steamed Sticky Rice

  • Steamed White Rice

  • Steamed Vegetables


Manayunk’s Top Chef Moon Covers Manayunk Magazine

When you sit down to dine at any of Nongyao “Moon” Krapugthong’s three restaurants on Main Street, it’s as if you’re sitting in a piece of art — one that she carefully selected herself. The atmosphere is clean but earthy, open yet somehow warm and welcoming. And then, there are the sounds and smells of her Thai restaurant, Chabaa Thai Bistro. They immediately transport you to Moon’s hometown, Bangkok, where she originally found her passion for food.

Read the full story at Manayunk Magazine

Massaman lamb chops mean Manayunk’s Chabaa Thai is back

PHILLY.COM: Philadelphia’s international menu is as diverse as that of any big city. But Thai food is one of our weakest genres. That’s why I was pleased when one of my longtime favorite local Thai chefs, Nongyao “Moon” Krapugthong, finally reopened her Chabaa Thai Bistro, in a new Main Street location.

Full article: Massaman lamb chops mean Manayunk’s Chabaa Thai is back


On an unseasonably warm October evening, I’m enjoying refreshing sips of pandan leaf-infused iced tea and sharing easy conversation with Moon Krapugthong in her new Binto Market & Café as customers flow in and out and gentle piano music fills the air. Radiating warmth, Chef Moon is infinitely more laidback and approachable than I expected of the owner of two of the most esteemed restaurants in Manayunk—Chabaa Thai and Yanako.


4343 Main St.
Philadelphia PA 19127




Mon-Fri 12pm-3pm
Sat-Sun 10pm-3pm

Sun-Thurs 5pm-9:30pm
Fri-Sat 5pm-10pm

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