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5th Annual Spicy Contest!
Posted: 01.09.2012
Chabaa Thai is hosting it's 5th Annual Spicy Contest! Prove to us your mouth can take the heat and win a cash prize of $1,000!

Chabaa Thai Bistro presents their 5th Annual Spicy Contest!
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Date & Time:

• The Qualification Round will begin on Januay 23rd and end on Feb 29th

• The Qualification menu will be available at the restaurant during normal weekday hours and from 5 p.m.-7p.m. on Fridays & Saturdays

• Waivers and applications will need to be signed IN PERSON at Chabaa Thai

• 10 finalists will be announced on March 1st

• The Final Round will be held on March 13th at 6:30

CLICK HERE for the Spicy Contest Qualification Menu


1st Place: $1,000 ($500 donated to the winner’s charity of choice/$500 cash prize)
2nd Place: $300 ($150 gift certificate to Chabaa Thai/$150 cash prize) 

3rd Place: $100 ($50 gift certificate to Chabaa Thai/$50 cash prize)

**Gift cards may only be used by winners or their significant others at Chabaa Thai and Chabaa Thai affiliates for dine-in meals. Gift cards are good until 3/1/13**

Rules for the Qualification Round:

• Contestants must order from the Spicy Contest Qualification Menu (link above)

• Scoring for the Qualification Round will be 1 point per "star" level of spice, which will be chosen by the contestant (we wish not to reveal the exact point system before the Qualification Round takes place)

• After each contestant finishes his/her dish the server will assess that individual's performance based on the (secret) criteria.

• During the Qualification Round, we will update the Top 10 on our Facebook page and website

• The exact scoring system will be revealed at the end of the qualification round on Feb 29th, to show how the points where calculated for the Top 10 contestants

Rules for the Final Round:

• There will be 40-minute time limit

• Contestants will consume 2 dishes from Chabaa Thai

• Contestants will have to consume as much as they can in 40 minutes
• Contestants will be given 1 pitcher of water

• Dishes will start at 20 stars and will increase upon the 2nd dishes

• The Final Round will be judged by a panel of judges

• Judges decision are final and cannot be appealed or contested

• The contest will not end with a tie (spice levels will be increase at Chabaa Thai’s discretion in order to select a winner)

• The Chabaa panel of judges reserves the right at any time, prior or during the contest, to make any alterations and/or adjustments they see fit. This includes the right to terminate or award contestants.
• The contest rules and regulations remain the sole discretion of the judges
• Emails will be sent out to the Top 10 contestants selected for the Final Round (a reply must be received at least 4 days prior to final round date)

• The Top 10 finalists must arrive on time for the contest or they’ll be disqualified


• Contestants my not chew gum, ingest pills of any kind, drink milk or consume any other type of “special” drinks/liquid that might contain sugar or other substances that provide relief from spicy food or numb the taste buds
• Contestants may not participate in poor sportsmanship of any kind (this includes but is not limited to the interruption of other contestants and/or the Chabaa staff)
• Any disruptive actions strictly prohibited and such behavior will result in an automatic and immediate disqualification
• Excessive use of restroom

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